Dead Cyborg: Episode 2


The second installment of an adventure set in an imperfect future


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Dead Cyborg: Episode 2 is the second installment of a first-person graphic adventure where the player assumes the role of a character who wakes up in a half-destroyed spaceship, without any memory of why he is there or how he got there.

The game progresses in first person, in a series of three-dimensional settings. So you can (and should) explore all of the scenes to try and find objects that will help you progress.

You will have to search the scene, find clues, collect objects, use objects from your inventory, and solve tons of puzzles in order to progress.

In the second installment of the game, the story lasts over two hours and picks up where the first left off. The player has to continue exploring all of the scenes in order to figure out how to get back home.

Dead Cyborg: Episode 2 is an adventure game with a very interesting story, and it also happens to have great graphics. The most amazing part is that the game is the result of one person's work and effort.
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